Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

I call my boyfriend Baby, Love, Izzy and My heart and he calls me Pikachu, Angel, Princess and Sky. His name is Israel and my name is Skyler but we use those nicknames a lot and its really cute but it gets dull at times.. I cant find a suitable name for him.

i like the name tiger but with resent new headlines i am a bit iffy

Really locker to much its sounds like your calling him a still door that is boring and wont make his move

I call my boyfriend Tarzan all the time... He really likes it

Why does everyone keep saying locker when it says looker? and it does sound a little weird to me if i were to say it to my boyfriend. thanks for the tips of names :)

I call my boyfriend baby boy, snuckums, omii bear, and big head (: and looker sounds weird. But yeah. *11.27.10*

Me and my boyfriend tthought outside the box and hes fishy im bubbles:)..how cute?..i think its cute:)

I call my baby daddy big head but I call my boyfriend Tito.

I am The Bear.My fiancé is my honeypot, cause I am always after her delicous and juicy honeybutt.The BearP.S. I am the only The Bear in the world.

honeypants sounds kinda creepy o.o But Tiggy, stud muffin and Boo is Adorable :)

My boyfriend calls me boo.. And I am going to call him love-muffin because muffins are cool :D

Dear Tarzan(aka Zack), U r my babe nd i love u and every thing in between Love ur playboy, Kayla

i call my boyfriend cutie pie nd jerry... Lv u cutie pie..

i call him cutie pie nd jerry he is so sweet nd he call me sweetu... Lv u cutie

My name is Jessica. and my fiance` calls me Tudar Boodar.. i thibk its cute. but i have no idea wat to call him..

I call my boyfriend Simba and he calls me Nala!! :) the lion king is our favorites movie!!!!

my bf calls me yummybear(: i call him cuddlebear (c-bear) .. others are ,, sharkie, nemo, cookie monster, superman, penguin , cuddlemonkey, bubbles, pokie, dufus, goof ,,chico,butterball,

I call mi bf,candy,cuppycakez,shuga....i luv hero,so i wl add it 2d rezt...

I loove butterball, thats so scrumptious! but bubbles is really cute too, and nemo/fishy.

My boyfriend calls me wifeyboo and princessa. I call him hubbyboo and princey. I think its soo cute and I love our nicknames!!!

I mixxed adorable with love muffin.. I call my boyfriend My Love Muffin:)

I call my boyfriend hubby bear I thought it was cute I used to call him hubby then I called him teddy bear so I mixed hubby and bear together and I LOOOOVE playboy :)))

Hehe i call my boyfriend guppi babe baby or Weirdo he calls me doritos babe or baby n i just love him 5*23*11 4ever

Some people like it.. I think its cute.. My bf calls me boo... And hes my gummy bear because hes sweet and cuddly and soft....

Hehe I like gummy bear its cute but I call my boyfriend guppy cause its like there are plenty of fish in the sea but he stays my guppy :-)

my bf calls me angle he says its cause I am the best thing that ever happened to him

^^ guys really.. She made on mistake.. Doesnf mean you have to make a stupid joke about it. Grow up would

Ok so my boytoy calls me babe,baby, and love. I call him hun ,babe, and tarzan lol but i think i need a new name for him.

Dont be hatin.... And the only B word you should call a girl is beautiful so STFU !!

i already call my boyfriend mickey mouse but he wantz me 2 change it

I call my bf sexy. As he is my world and I find everything do sexy he is a funny wreid man but hell I love home dime days I all him 4 am man lol sounds funny when we are out but he gets up for work at 4 am everyday people look funny like they think we fuck at that time lol

I luv that he calls me SweetCheexs.. And am stuck on not trying to call him Ace (Akeem)

I have a boyfriend named Wilder and i call him Tiger and as far as i know he likes it

I call my bf my music man, rockstar, or rockgod it really suites him because he plays drums, gutair, bass, and even the harmonica :) his intials are JZ any ideas for a new nickname using JZ????

I call my boyfriend fatty fatty bom bom! We came up with it while we were just friends and it stuck... Lol

I call my boyfriend: Kotasaurus.His name is Dakota and he is constantly saying, RAWR. and I think its pretty cool that there actually is a dinosaur named Kotasaurus.

my boyfiend calls me babe and carebear and i call him ace and tatertot cuz he love them and thats all he ever eats when im over. lol hes sweet

I call my bf Handsome, Honey, Honey bear... I need more names for him :) He calls me babe, baby, sweetie, darling, beautiful... I love him :D

I call my bf baby, sweet heart, hunny and he calls me baby girl , angel.

I call my bf bighead,boo,or jimmy he calls me babyboo I love him lots :)

Me too but Idk wat to say back maybe babe Idk Ughh

I call my boyfriend Baby, sweetheart, amazing, my number one, Zamabu (first letters of his first middle and last name), rhino, dear, etc.